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Customer Testimonials

Patients - children and adult treatment in Sierra Vista AZ
My granddaughter remarked in the pool this summer that I had a hideous tooth...Time to go see Don Simpson!
Look at my beautiful smile now. No more hideous teeth.
- K. D., Sierra Vista, AZ

Brian Root - children and adult treatment in Sierra Vista AZ
Dr. Simpson has been our dentist for 30 + years. Dr. Simpson and his staff are professional and friendly at all times.
We have never spent more than a few minutes waiting. Due to continuous education, Dr. Simpson uses the latest methods of dentistry. There's no need to worry that a trip to the dentist will be painful.
Because of using Dr. Simpson for the first eighteen years of our three adult children's lives, they all have excellent teeth...with only one cavity occurring among all three of them.
- B.R., Hereford, AZ

Blonde hair - children and adult treatment in Sierra Vista AZ
I am a Sno-Bird from Wisconsin. Two years ago I broke a tooth and asked at our RV Resort who would be a good dentist to go to. I was given the name of Dr. Simpson and called and got an appointment within a day. I was very satisfied with his work.
The next year I had another emergency and I got in right away.
The same thing this year. He called my dentist back home and together they decided what should be done.
Dr. Simpson is very professional and personal. I would recommend him to anyone.
- D.M.K., Eagle River, WI

SMB - children and adult treatment in Sierra Vista AZ
I have been going to dentists since I was seven. I have also managed several dental offices over the years. Dr Don Simpson is the most professional, knowledgeable and kind dentist that I have ever had work on me. He will take the time to explain and talk to you so you know what to expect. He always wants the best for you. Not all dentists are cut from the same cloth. Why not do yourself a favor and go to the best!! You will not regret it!!